Congregational Leadership


President:   John Gray                           Vice President:   Buddy Lohr
Secretary:   Lisa Nelson                         Treasurer:   Walter Hoffman


2015-16-17          John Gray                            Buddy Lohr
2016-17-18          John Smith                           Sylvia Walser
2017-18-19          Lena Johnson                       Lindsay Sink


2015-16-17          Jeff Hutchens                        Lisa Nelson
2016-17-18          Janelle Bunn                         Mark Smith
2017-18-19         Denise Durham                      Dave Fulton


2017                Mike Brown                           
2018                Jerry Smith                              
2019               Merle Hodges

2020               Carolyn Spivey
2021              Walter Hoffman

Raeann Biesecker (15-16-17)
Doug Sink (15-16-17)

NOMINATING COMMITTEE:  Chairperson:  Buddy Lohr

          Ted Smith and Carolyn Spivey

BOARD OF CONGREGATIONAL LIFE:  Co-Chairs:  John Smith and Lena Johnson

Hospitality Committee Chairperson : John Smith

          James and Kelly Atkinson, Anne Bevan, Raeann Biesecker, Lynn and Mike Brown, Beth and Frank Callicutt, Glenyce and Dave Fulton, Alice and James Gray, Vicky and John Gray, June Grubb, Keri and Casey Hartle, Ann and Walter Hoffman, Jeff Hutchens, Mary Jo and Lee Jessup, Alisa and Keith Johnson, Lena and Rich Johnson, Susie Kepley, Betty Link, Buddy and Rita Lohr, Paula and Clifford Lopp, Brian McKerlie, Janette Neal, Lisa Nelson, Ellen and Jeremy Peterson, John Potts, Mike Price, Carolyn and Bill Robbins, Aurelia Smith, John Smith, Nicole and Mark Smith, Nina and Ted Smith, Ashlee Snider, Myra Thompson, Cheryl and Bill Walser, Sylvia Walser, Michell Winters, Ramona Yarbrough, Belinda and Eddie Yates

Church Events Photography Chairperson: Clifton Murphy
Nicole Smith, Nina Smith, Myra Thompson

Historical Committee Chairperson:  Merle Hodges

Mary Berrier, Rita Lohr, Katherine Skipper, Carolyn Spivey

Bereavement Committee Captains:

Team #1

Captain Lynn Brown:

Betty Bates, Mary Berrier, Raeann Biesecker, Vicky Gray, Amy Hedrick, Deanna Michael, Susan Miller, Janette Neal, Susan Odom, Gladys Snider, Myra Thompson, Adena Wall

Team #2

Co-Captains Marguerite Leonard and Doris Sink:

Anne Bevan, Pattie Everhart, Kathleen Danze, Ruth Fritts, Ann Hoffman, Heidi Hutcheson, Betty Link, Rita Lohr, Katherine Skipper, Lib Sink, Linda Sink, Sylvia Walser

Team #3

Captain Belinda Yates:

Alice Gray, June Grubb, Gerri Hill, Mary Jo Jessup, Myrtle Latimer, Paula Lopp, Patti Lovell, Lisa Nelson, Lee Ann Peele, Ellen Peterson, Carolyn Robbins, Aurelia Smith, Nina Smith

Team #4

Co-Captains Harriette Murphy and Carolyn Spivey:

Glenyce Fulton, Bonita Hooper, Alisa Johnson, Lena Johnson, Lynn McCarn, Kivi Miller, Eulene Shepherd, Barbara Sink, Charlotte Smith, Nicole Smith, Cathy Waitman, Cheryl Walser

Homecoming Committee Chairperson: Rita Lohr
Peggy Bates, Mary Berrier, Alice Gray, Heidi Hutcheson, Lib Sink

BOARD OF WORSHIP AND SACRAMENT:  Chairperson:  Sylvia Walser

Holy Communion Co-Chairpersons:: Lynn Brown and Betty Barr
Vicky Gray, June Grubb, Brian McKerlie, Ramona Yarbrough, Belinda Yates

Holy Communion Servers Chairperson:: John Potts

Altar Preparation Co-Chairpersons:: Rita Lohr and Jeff Hutchens

Music Ministry Chairperson:: Harriette Murphy
Mary Berrier, Denise Durham, Glenyce Fulton, June Grubb, Patti Lovell, Susan Odom, Carolyn Robbins,
Elizabeth Sink, Gladys Snider, Cathy Waitman,
Ex-officio: Lee Ann Peele, Ellen Peterson

Sanctuary Needs Chairperson:: Larry Link

Ushers Chairperson:: Jeff Hutchens

Acolyte Chairperson:: Cathy Waitman

Greeters and Liturgists Chairperson:: Rita Lohr

Flowers Chairperson:: Betty Link

Flower Delivery to Homebound:: June Grubb

Decorating Committee Co-Chairpersons:: Jeff Hutchens, Mary Jo Jessup and Lisa Nelson
Vicky Gray, June Grubb, Lena and Rich Johnson, Buddy and Rita Lohr, Clifford and Paula Lopp, Patti Lovell,
Susan Miller, Clifton and Harriette Murphy, Jeremy and Ellen Peterson, Eulene Shepherd

Sound System Co-Chairpersons:: James Gray and John Gray

BOARD OF CHRISTIAN EDUCATION:  Chairperson:  Lisa Nelson

Director of Christian Education:  Cathy Waitman

James Atkinson, Alice Gray, Vicky Gray, June Grubb, Lena Johnson, Carolyn Robbins


James Gray, Ann and Walter Hoffman, Jerry and Patti Lovell, Aurelia Smith, Sylvia Walser

BOARD OF EVANGELISM:  Co-Chairpersons:  Dave Fulton and Janelle Bunn
Lynn Brown, Glenyce Fulton,  Bonita Hooper, Griff Smith, Clifton Murphy, Harriette Murphy, Michell Winters and Camille Morgan

Prayer Chain Chairperson:: Adena Wall

Forget-Me-Not Ministry Chairperson:: Harriette Murphy

Prayer Shawl Ministry:: Harriette Murphy

BOARD OF BUSINESS MANAGEMENT & STEWARDSHIP:  Co-Chairs: Denise Durham and Lindsay Sink

Finance & Budget Chairperson: Denise Durham
John Gray, Buddy Lohr, Lisa Nelson, Lindsay Sink
Ex officio: Walter Hoffman and Paula Lopp

Property Co-Chairs:  Jeff Hutchens and Mike Brown

James Atkinson, J.W. Bates, Dave Fulton, James Gray, Rich Johnson, Deanna Michael, Lisa Nelson,
John Potts, Lindsay Sink, John Smith, Mark Smith

Insurance:  Property Committee Chairpersons

Endowments:  Trustees

Memorial Garden Co-Chairs: Jeff Hutchens and Mike Brown
Peggy Bates, Carolyn Spivey

Special Gifts Co-Chairs:  Jeff Hutchens and Mike Brown
Merle Hodges, Mark Smith, and Carolyn Spivey