Women’s Life Fellowship

2017 Woman’s Life Fellowship Officers:

President: Linda Sink

Vice-President: Paula Lopp

Secretary: Glenyce Fulton

Treasurer: Belinda Yates

Membership: All Women of the Church welcome

Recent News:
WLF met May 15th in the church parlor. Harriette Murphy presented devotions reflecting on Mother’s Day and the fact many individuals do not consider being a mother an official job. In the devotional, a lady was applying for a job. There had not been much interest in her as a housewife and mother until she finally indicated her previous job title to be “Research Analyst in Childhood Development”. When questioned as to what that job entitled, she tactfully described what she did while raising her children, which drew new interest in her as an individual. The jest of the devotional was we all have talents regardless of our background. Bonita Hooper served delicious refreshments. Thanks to all from our church who participated in the Tea Party at First United Methodist Church that was a benefit for Open Hands which raised $1400. WLF will serve breakfast, snacks and lunch on July 12th to the children attending Arts Discovery Camp at Grace Episcopal Church. WLF plans to purchase aprons and have them embroidered which will be left in the kitchen for church members to use when serving at various church events. Our next meeting will be August 21st at Linda Sink’s home. Please plan to join us.

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