Scenes from Palm Sunday Passion Play

Scenes from Palm Sunday Passion Play

The final hours and events surrounding Christ’s last days on earth were depicted on Palm Sunday by more than 30 church members.  Staged in the sanctuary, the Passion Play featured the Last Supper, Christ’s death on the cross and His resurrection.

Thank you to Rev. June Grubb, who once again did a spectacular job of directing the play. And we could not have done it without our hard-working producer, Cathy Waitman, who dealt with initial casting, last-minute changes and additions.

Providing narration were Lisa Nelson and John Gray, and our talented cast members included Jeremy Peterson as Jesus; Dave Fulton as Simon Peter; James Gray as John; James Atkinson as Pilate; John Smith as James; Mark Smith as Judas; Lindsay Sink as Herod; Jeff Hutchens as Simon of Cyrene and Joseph of Arimathea.

Ellen Peterson sang a moving solo of “Were You There” during the crucifixion scene, with Lee Ann Peele accompanying on piano. Choir members portrayed the “angry mob,” and disciples included Mary Lloyd Callicutt, Mark Loper, Nicole Smith and Jonathan Kepley; soldiers were Beth Callicutt, Elliott Smith, Emory Smith and Abbie Callicutt; servant girls were Alice Gray, Susan Kepley and Kelly Greathouse-Atkinson; and playing the three women at the tomb were Glenyce Fulton, Alice Gray and Kalyssa Hutchens.  We were so appreciative of Bonita Hooper, Vicky Gray and Rich Johnson for providing and moving the  scenery and props.

Choir Sings in Palm Sunday Play March 20, 2016 002 Palm Sunday Play March 20, 2016 003


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