April 16, 2021 Weekly News

April 16, 2021 Weekly News

APRIL 16, 2021 ———————————————————————       LOOKING TOWARD SUNDAY: A MESSAGE FROM REV. HORTON Sermon Title: Dare to Repent
Scriptures: Luke 24: 36b-48 and Acts 3:12-19

Dare to Live
Are you daring?
If you want to be like the followers in the Book of Acts,
then you should answer yes.
Over the next seven weeks we will explore the big and bold book of Acts –
where we see communities of faith come to grips with the mystery
and wonder of an empty tomb.
What does it look like to live on the other side of the Cross?
The followers in Acts show us.
They dare to open themselves up to the Spirit of The Resurrection.
They dare to allow the Living God to move through them.
They dare to defy the limits of the world.
They dare to surpass the status quo.
They dare to live in faith.
Will we?.   
Seeking to serve faithfully with you, 
Our service will be livestreamed at 10:30am.
You can worship with us online in two ways: 
On our Facebook Page here. 
On our YouTube Channel here.
If you miss the livestream, the services will be available in both of these places for you to watch at your convenience. 
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Earth Day falls on Thursday, April 22nd. We will celebrate Earth Day during worship service on Sunday, April 25.
Renee Walsh and Travis White are excited to have their wedding livestreamed on First Reformed’s Facebook page HERE  and our YouTube channel HERE. They invite their church family to join in the happy occasion on Saturday, April 24th at 4:00 in the afternoon!
Add June 13, 2021 to your calendar! We have scheduled our annual Sunday Picnic at Wildcat Farm for that day. We were unable to hold this last year because of Covid restrictions, and we missed being at Wildcat Farm the year before because of rain. (Our picnic was held in the Fellowship Hall that year.)
Arrangements are being made for our meal. You will not have to contribute any food items this year so this event can safely follow Covid protocols. Mike Brown has already agreed to man the grill. Susie Smith is working on plans for safe food service.
Dust off your lawn chairs and have them ready for June 13th!
APRIL CELEBRATIONS                    
18th…Amy Smith Golden                          
 20th…Cynthia Crowell Little                                               
 22nd…Nadia Freeman                                                       
 24th…Becca McKerlie

17thMike & Laura Perry
21stCasey & Keri Hartle
22ndEdgar & Kivi Miller

We extend Sympathy to and share Christian Hope with Eddie Yates and family upon the loss of his mother, Barbara Koonts Miller, who passed away on April 9, 2021.
OUR MEMBERS: Lee Bouchard, Jeff Hutchens, Katherine Skipper, Heidi Hutcheson (recovering from surgery at home), Lisa Price, Deanna Michael

AT HOME AND IN CARE FACILITIES: Marzell Crotts (Mountain Vista Health Park, Denton), Peggy Bates, Janelle Bunn, Ruth Essick, Pattie Everhart, Lib & Jimbo Hinkle, Marguerite Leonard, Bob Shaak, Lib Sink, Carolyn Spivey, Adena Wall, Vogen Everhart (Brookdale)

OUR FRIENDS: *The Family of Dot McCachren (Eugenia Holste’s sister-in-law), Billie Carr (Ben Hale’s mother, recovering from surgery), David Driver, Nicole Holste (Alane Holste’s sister-in-law), Wendi Greene (Bill Robbins’ sister), Ashley Thomason Hutcheson (Ron & Heidi Hutcheson’s daughter-in-law)
*Indicates newly added. Names will remain on the list for 4 weeks. To add a name to the prayer list please call the church office.
SUNDAY, APRIL 18: Third Sunday of Easter
Adult Sunday School via Zoom
HERE. (Luke 24:36b-48)  “Touch and See” Facilitator: Eulene Shepherd  (Meeting ID: 890 2652 8333     Passcode: 634119     Dial in: +1 929 205 6099 US)

Worship in the Sanctuary! Service also LIVESTREAMED on YouTube HERE and Facebook HERE.


Please join HERE for
Noon Fellowship and Prayer Concerns via Zoom  
(Meeting ID: 207 685 007     Passcode: 3n7IX8     Dial in: +1 929 205 6099)
2CFAR meeting via ZOOM 
Join Meeting HERE. (Meeting ID: 873 4191 8684  Passcode: 222495)7:00PM 
Book Study via Zoom HERE.Natural Saints: How People of Faith Are Working to Save God’s Earth,” Facilitator: Edgar Miller (Meeting ID: 846 9163 5471  Passcode: 524570     Dial in: +1 301 715 8592)  
Clothes Closet Workday        

SATURDAY, April 24:
Saturday Carry-Out Lunch Ministry

The Wedding of Renee Walsh and Travis White livestreamed on our Facebook page HERE  and our YouTube channel HERE.

SUNDAY, APRIL 25: Fourth Sunday of Easter
Adult Sunday School via ZOOM HERE.
(John 10:11-18)  “Listen to My Voice”
Facilitator: Smithie Parrish (Meeting ID: 890 2652 8333     Passcode: 634119     Dial in: +1 929 205 6099 US)

In-Person Worship Service will also be LIVESTREAMED on Facebook HERE and YouTube HERE.  (COVID PRECAUTIONS FOLLOWED)

Please join us HERE for
Noon Fellowship and Prayer Concerns via Zoom  
(Meeting ID: 207 685 007     Passcode: 3n7IX8     Dial in: +1 929 205 6099)

New guidelines have been established for placing flowers in the sanctuary on Sunday mornings. Please read as this process has changed. FIRST REFORMED UNITED CHURCH OF CHRIST
It has been a tradition in our church to have flowers at the front of the sanctuary as a sign of creation and life. We encourage anyone who wishes to place flowers in honor or memory of someone to continue this tradition, however the guidelines for this ministry have changed. It will no longer be the church’s responsibility to order and communicate information to the florist(s) for individuals wishing to place flowers in the church. Previously reserved dates will no longer be carried over from year to year. Sunday flower reservations will now be made through the church office based on a yearly calendar. Flowers will be placed at the front of the sanctuary unless someone has already reserved the date. Then there is an option to place flowers in the Narthex. In order to place flowers/plants in the church, you must contact the church office either by phone or email to see if the requested week is open. (carolyn@frucc.org or 336-248-2617)  It will be up to individuals to provide the flowers and be responsible for all billing. There are only two florists in the area who have a key to the sanctuary for delivery of arrangements, C Ray Floral Designs (336-247-1694) and Reggie’s Flower Shoppe (336-731-8789). If you choose to use a different florist, you may contact the office to make arrangements for delivery. The church has several silk arrangements that may be used instead of ordering from a florist. These may be requested for use with a donation made to the church. The most appropriate seasonal arrangement will be selected from these.
It will be up to the individual to remove flowers from the sanctuary.
A calendar for each new year will be available for reservations by December 1 of the current  year.
Information that must be provided for flower reservations:
Reservation made by:
Contact preference:
Phone:                                                       Email:
Bulletin information:
Arrangements after Sunday Service:
_____ I will take flowers home on Sunday:
__________________________ will pick up flowers from the church for me.
The Board of Community Outreach is in search of someone to coordinate Red Cross blood drives held in our church Fellowship Hall. Betty Barr has done a wonderful job serving as coordinator since the Red Cross started holding blood drives at our church. The coordinator will work with the local Red Cross to coordinate drives with our church calendar. Being present on site during the day of the drive is another responsibility. Generally, this is from 12-7:00PM. Blood drives have been held 2-3 time per year. The next drive is scheduled for May 19, 2021. If you are interested in volunteering or would like more information about responsibilities, please contact Betty Barr for details. (336-239-5001 or barrpiotcar@gmail.com).
Living the Resurrection: Easter Season, the Adult Bible Study, continues Sunday mornings at 9:15AM via ZOOM. Easter is not a day, it is a season. So, our new Bible study sessions will be a six-week series which brings us up to Pentecost. The joy of Easter needs to sustain us until the Spirit can launch us into the next phase of experiencing the “kin-dom” of God.
The study focuses on the lectionary text found in John’s gospel, which are stories that follow the resurrection of Jesus. Our question throughout this series is,  “How does this help me live today?”
Join study HERE. (Meeting ID: 890 2652 8333     Passcode: 634119     Dial in: +1 929 205 6099 US)
  Gospel Texts and Session Titles:
 April 18:  Luke 24: 36B-48 “Touch and See”
 April 25:  John 10:11-18  “Listen to My Voice”
 May 2:  John 15:1-8  “Abide In Me”
 May 9:  John 15:9-17  “No Greater Love”
Also, Festival of the Christian Home (Mother’s Day)
 May 15:  John 17:6-19
“We Are Yours”
 May 22:  Pentecost Sunday  
The book study meets on Tuesdays, at 7:00PM via ZOOM. Edgar Miller is the facilitator for this study of the book Natural Saints: How People of Faith Are Working To Save God’s Earth. The important topics included for discussion throughout this book coordinate well with Earth Day celebrations in the month of April. Congregations and individuals seeking to integrate care of creation into their faith community will find inspiration and concrete advice in the lives of these natural saints. The book focuses on the following ministries: McDuff Highlights Eight Key Ministries:
protecting human dignity
feeding the hungry
creating sacred spaces
responding to natural disasters
promoting justice
making a pilgrimage
educating youth
bearing witness  
You may order your copy of the book from your favorite resource. You may join this book study Tuesday evenings via ZOOM at 7:00PM HERE. (Meeting ID: 846 9163 5471  Passcode: 524570     Dial in: +1 929 205 6099 US)

The Board of Evangelism has plenty “BE THE CHURCH” Window Clings still for sale. These are similar to bumper stickers, but they cling on glass instead and can easily be moved from place to place. Proceeds will go to the church’s general fund. The cost is $5 each. If you are interested in purchasing, please contact the church office.

Open Hands Ministry and First Reformed UCC Serve a carry-out lunch at 12:30 on Saturdays out of our Fellowship Hall kitchen.  Volunteer or come for a carry-out meal for this Saturday Lunch.  Contact John Maze if you would like to help. (704-524-6462) 
Praying for another person is a powerful ministry that connects us more deeply to others and amplifies the needs before God. Formerly called the Prayer Chain, our newly  named  prayer  ministry  is  Immediate  Prayer  Partners, coordinated  by  Patti  Lovell. The Immediate Prayer Partner Ministry begins by calling Rev. Horton, the church office, or Patti Lovell with your prayer request. It will then be shared with volunteers who have made a commitment to offer intercessory prayer immediately when they receive the message. Depending on the volunteer’s preference, communication will be via texts, emails, or phone calls. If you would like to volunteer to be an Immediate Prayer Partner, please contact Patti Lovell at 336-309-9302.
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