Looking toward Sunday

Have you ever heard God speaking, but you just didn’t want to listen? Have you tried to push away people who, in looking back, you now realize have been the presence of Christ in your life? Sometimes God speaks and we do everything within our power to shut out the Still Small Voice.

In worship, the sermon comes from Luke 4: 21-30.  The title is Living in the Light: The Sermon No One Wanted to HearThis passage is a continuation from last week’s scripture, and Jesus really upsets the crowd gathered for worship with his understanding of the Hebrew Scriptures. In fact, he makes the people so angry; they even run him out of his hometown

The Teens class will begin learning what an Upside-Down Kind of World Jesus intends, by studying Sermon on the Mount.

At 10:30 we have First Sunday Social, where refreshments are in the fellowship hall.

Please remember to complete the 2019 Visioning Survey online by Tuesday February 5th.  Paper copies are due Sunday.

I want to thank Kivi Miller and Clifton Murphy for their work updating the church website.  It is still a work in progress, but is now more mobile friendly.

Check it out at

See you Sunday, 



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