“Living in the Light: Into the Deep”

“Living in the Light: Into the Deep”

Dear Friends, 

Over the past few weeks, we have looked at the beginning of Jesus’ ministry.  His baptism, his first miracle, his first sermon. This Sunday, we see him calling his first disciples in Luke 5: 1-11  Our sermon is titled, Into the Deep. On the lake, Jesus tells the fishermen to take their boat and go out into the deep water, and then to lower their net. To say they are hesitant to follow is an understatement. The “What If’s” begin to take over in their mind… What if we fail? What if something goes wrong?  They don’t want to go into the unknown.   

What is God calling you to do and what keeps you from doing it? What are the “What If’s” that keep you from making the move to go out into the deep?

This Sunday in worship we also will dedicate the Inclusive Welcoming Statement made official in 2018.  This statement designates us as an Open and Affirming congregation in the UCC, which means we welcome into the full life and ministry of the church all people, regardless of ability, age, education, ethnicity, family or marital status, gender identity or expression, income, nationality, political affiliation, race, sexual orientation, or any other distinction. At the baptismal font and at the communion table, from the nursery cribs to the church leadership, whether you were raised in a church or have never before attended one, you are welcome here.

After worship, we will eat lunch together and celebrate and give thanks for the ministries of 2018. We will also discuss the results of the 2019 Visioning Survey.  We received 91 responses!  

On a different note, I am having minor foot surgery on Monday February 11 and will be taking a few days off.  It is an outpatient plantar fascia release, and I don’t anticipate any complications. The difficult part for me is that it’s my right foot, and for 3 weeks I cannot put weight on it or drive a car. Lee Jessup is filling the pulpit February 17th, but I hope to be hobbling and/or scooting around soon after that.

Looking forward to casting the net wide


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