Surprise: Detours Ahead

How do you know what God wants you to do? Sometimes we have a definite idea of what we believe, our purpose, our plan in life. In Acts 16: 9-15, Paul is certain he is supposed to go one place to share the message of Christ, but then he senses God calling him in a different direction… Way different. He and his companion, Silas, make the journey into new territory and they meet someone totally unexpected… Lydia. She is a…

Surprises in Faith and Fashion

Surprise! The Unexpected Acts of God: Where Fashion Meets Faith. In Acts 9: 36-46, with Jesus no longer around, Peter and the disciples are left on their own. Not knowing what else to do, Peter begins to imitate what he has learned from Jesus. From this, the Church is ultimately born. When people see you — in the grocery story, at work, uptown — will they see that you are imitating Jesus? What about your words and actions, your social…

Surprise: Unexpected Company

“Unexpected Company” we hear the story of how Saul becomes the Apostle Paul, and how the Holy Spirit makes an eternal bond between two natural enemies. Think of someone whom you would never imagine inviting to your home…. The kind of person you least expect to befriend…. Watch out! The Holy God who breaks through barriers, may just have some surprises in store for you…….  Acts 9: 7-20.