Upcoming Events for 9-25-17 thru 10-1-17

Upcoming Events for 9-25-17 thru 10-1-17

September 24th – October 1st

Please consider contributing to CAROLINA SENIOR CARE. There is a great need for the following items:
toilet paper…paper towels…multi-purpose cleaner…trash bags
Items may be brought to the table in the hall outside the church office.

SUNDAY, September 24th

9:45am Sunday School:
New Way with Dave Fulton
Willing Workers with Doug Sink
Children with Cathy Waitman
Pastor’s Discussion Class
10:40am HYMN SING in the Sanctuary
11:00am Worship in the Sanctuary
12:15pm Families First Lunch/Meeting in the Fellowship Hall

Monday, September 25th

5:00pm Tutoring {Downstairs}
6:30pm Open Hands Meal {Fellowship Hall}

Tuesday, September 26th

10:00am Weaving Women {Willing Workers classroom}
5:00pm Community Meal {Fellowship Hall}
6:15pm The Next 56 Days {Downstairs}

Wednesday, September 27th

6:30pm Bell Choir {Bell Room}
7:15pm Choir {Chapel Annex}

Thursday, September 28th

5:30pm Yoga {Parlor}
7:00pm Squar-n-Aders Square Dancing

Friday, September 29th

3:30-7:00pm Grow & Go Girls {Kitchen}

SUNDAY, October 1st

9:45am Sunday School

10:30am First Sunday Social: John Potts & Janette Neal
11:00am Worship – WORLD WIDE COMMUNION

Greeters: Jeremy & Lucas Peterson
Nursery: Nicole Smith & Nina Smith


Church Members: Peggy Bates, Bob Shaak, Carolyn Spivey, Margot Everhart, Bill Walser, Vogen and Margie Everhart, Clifford Lopp
Homebound Members: Micki Smith, Marzell Crotts, James Everhart, Pam Garrity, Barbara Sowers, Rita Tussey, Doris Flynt, Lib Hinkle, Jo Hudson, Valerie Price, Joyce Price, Hoyle Potts, Doris Frye, Adena Wall


· COMMUNITY MEALS VOLUNTEERS NEEDED! The Board of Evangelism would like volunteers to help with the church’s Community Meal and become a part of this loving ministry, please contact Dave Fulton (336-250-8738) if you are interested.

· FOOD DRIVE FOR PASTOR’S PANTRY September 17th-October 15th


· September 24th – 4th Sunday Hymn Sing at 10:40am {Sanctuary}
· September 24th – FAMILIES FIRST at FRUCC taco bar meal and meeting
· September 26th - COMMUNITY MEAL {Fellowship Hall}
· October 1st – First Sunday Social: John Potts and Janette Neal
· October 1st – JAM Choir meets during Sunday School
· October 7th – WNCA Meeting 9:30-3:00 at Abernethy Laurels
· October 7th - Friendship Club plans for “My Fair Lady” at High Point Theater and meal at Longhorn
· October 8th – Prayer Shawl Blessing
· October 14th – FAMILIES FIRST at FRUCC CORN MAZE OUTING to Kersey Valley or Patterson Farms
· October 15th – Children’s Sabbath, Congregational Meal & Budget Meeting, Consistory Meeting
· October 22nd – Interfaith Forum featuring Bushi Roshi, Buddhist Monk 3:00-4:30 in the Fellowship Hall


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