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Pastor’s Blog

We continue in Mark’s gospel as we explore Mark 13:1-8 , “The Struggle to Be Born.” We are reminded in this passage that bringing new life into being is not easy work.

If you have not already brought in your time and talent sheet or your pledge card, please do so this Sunday. Through your commitment of talent, time, and finances we are in the process of bringing new life to the ministries at First Reformed UCC.

A couple of weeks ago, I mentioned I attended a Community Solutions meeting at City Hall for the purpose of finding solutions for the homeless people in Lexington. As part 2 of that process I, along with several others, rode on a van provided by the city to Salisbury to visit Rowan Helping Ministries so we could see how Rowan County is meeting the needs of the homeless. Their very large building houses what we would call a Homeless Shelter but also much more. The building and its area seemed to be a hub for multiple services offered to their guests. From what I could tell, much of the success of Rowan’s ministry centered around collaboration, partnerships, and the premise that every single person is worthy of dignity, respect, and hope. I was inspired by this visit and by the conversations held among the 25 or so reps from Lexington who visited.

As I have reflected this week, I believe the way for our future as a church is to collaborate and create community. I wholeheartedly believe God’s spirit shows up when we make earnest attempts to build bridges and seek to see people as brothers and sisters.

On Thursday, Thanksgiving Day, from 1-3pm, a meal will be served in our Fellowship Hall FREE OF CHARGE. It will be prepared by Margaret Martin, a bus driver for the Lexington City Schools, who I am told has a heart for cooking Thanksgiving meals and giving them away. Last year she served about 75 people outside from the neighborhood behind our church. Community member Tina Royal called me to see if, by chance, they could use the Fellowship Hall to serve, since it got pretty cold last year. The Consistory approved and now there will be a home-cooked meal served on Thanksgiving Day. If you would like to help serve, set up is at noon and the serving will start at 1pm.

I continue to be amazed at how God opens doors and meets needs.
What new life is trying to be born in your own life right now?
How is God speaking to you?
Let’s find out together.

Walking with you in the work of love,


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