The journey with jesus

The journey with jesus

“Hosanna!  Loud Hosanna, the little children sang…” This is the first Palm Sunday in my lifetime where I will not be watching a procession of children wave palm branches to celebrate the coming of our Lord Jesus Christ make his way to Jerusalem. On Palm Sunday, the sanctuary will be empty and it’s the beginning of Holy Week. We will be the church scattered…connected spiritually, but not physically.  Life is different now in the wake of the Pandemic CoVid19. How long will it stay this way? We have more questions than we do answers.  But one truth holds strong and sure. The same God whose breath swept across the waters of the deep and formed the Earth, is the same God who came to dwell among us through the life, death, and resurrection of Jesus – showing us how to live and love faithfully in this world, showing us what it means to always be a people of hope and to believe that Love really does have the last word. This same God surrounds us today, even as we are apart, in our fear, confusion, loneliness, illness, and longing. Perhaps now is the most important time for us to hold strong to the faith that connects us in covenant. God can do mighty things even when we feel frail and small……
  Matthew 21: 1-11


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