UP, UP, and AWAY

UP, UP, and AWAY

This Sunday we celebrate milestones! We welcome to the First Reformed UCC family, Maria Cruz, and her 3 children, Jasmin, Alyson, and Lucas; Marge Doty; Joe Kiser; Stacy and Billy West, Emma and Sam. We will also recognize and honor graduates of all ages. People ask me at times, “Why is it important to join a church? How is that different from just showing up?” Some reasons are very practical: Members can vote – on issues like calling a pastor or passing the budget; members can also serve as leaders to help form and guide the ministry and mission of the church. But joining a church is about much more than practical matters. Coming forward in worship to proclaim your membership is an act of worship itself. You are telling the people around you and God that you have found a spiritual home; that you are claiming these people to be your prayer partners, your travelers on life’s journey. We talk a lot about covenant in the UCC, which is an exchange of promises. In joining a church we make promises to one another — to walk together through this life of faith – in all of the hills and valleys life brings. We can worship and praise God anywhere – on a mountain, near the ocean, at a cathedral, or in a quiet moment alone. But God calls us outside of our private journeys to be in community and disciple together. Joining a church is a reminder that, “You are never alone. You have a home, and a family who is with you always.” Sunday morning: At 9:45 our new members will come for Orientation. At 10:00 adults will meet in Fellowship Hall for discussion. At 10:30 everyone is invited to Fellowship Hall for the social, to greet new members and graduates alike. We have lots to celebrate — Hope to see you there!
 Acts 1: 6-11


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