Pastor’s BLOG

Pastor’s BLOG

We find ourselves facing today yet another shooting in this nation in the community of Thousand Oaks, CA. We can fall easily into the temptation to allow ourselves to be desensitized or resigned to this kind of violence and to think there is no difference we can make in the bigger sense in the life of this country. However, let us be reminded that kind of thinking is contrary to the life and message of Jesus Christ.
Sunday we will read Mark 12:38-44, where one seemingly insignificant gesture from a seemingly insignificant woman makes a huge difference to Jesus.
A group of about 30 gathered in the sanctuary last Friday night for a Service of Prayer and Healing. The notes you wrote to the Tree of Life Synagogue may not have been large in quantity, but were overflowing with words of grace and compassion.
Apostle Paul reminds us, “Do not grow weary in doing good.”
Together with you one small step at a time,


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